EMBnet is coordinated by a four member Executive Board (EB) that oversees the activities of Project Committees (PCs) and Special Interest Groups(SIGs).

EMBnet’s EB is advised by an Operational Board (OB), which comprises the full EB plus the Chairs of the Project Committees.

EMBnet is managed by a five-member Executive Board (EB) elected by the Full Board. The EB effects the decisions of the AGM, deals with funding, and generally takes care of the day-to-day running of the organisation between AGMs.

Board Members from June 2015 to October 2016

Name Function From
Erik Bongcam-Rudloff (SE) Chair 2015
Domenica D’Elia (IT) Secretary 2015
Emiliano Barreto (CO) Treasurer 2015
Lubos Klucar (SK) Member 2015

Interim EB Members from June 2015 to present

Teresa Attwood (UK)
Etienne de Villiers (KE)

Board Members from November 2009 to June 2015

Name Function From
Teresa Attwood (UK) Chair 2009
Andreas Gisel (IT) Secretary 2009
Etienne de Villiers (KE) Treasurer 2009
Erik Bongcam-Rudloff (SE) Member 2010
Goran Neshich (BR) Member 2011 – 2014

The Publicity & Public Relations Special Interest Group (P&PR-SIG) is responsible for the promotion of EMBnet’s image, news and activities worldwide, in particular through several

  • Management and content moderation of official website;
  • Dissemination of news and publicity through the monthly released EMBnet.digest‘s;
  • Community Management on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn;
  • Proposal and implementation of strategies aiming to enhance EMBnet’s visibility;
  • Public relationships with EMBnet communities and related networks/societies;
  • Sponsorship management.

Publicity & Public Relations SIG Members from June 2015 to present

Name Function From
Axel Thieffry (BE) Chair 2015
Domenica D’Elia (IT) Member 2015
Teresa Attwood (UK) Member 2015

Publicity & Public Relations SIG Members from May 2010 – June 2015

Name Function From
Domenica D’Elia (IT) Chair 2010
Rafael Imenez (UK) Web Developer & Manager 2012
Axel Thieffry (BE) Dissemination 2014
Lubos Kuclar (SK) Secretary 2014

Former members

Name Function From
Lubos Klucar (SK) Secretary                         2010-2013  
Martin Norling (SE) Member 2009-2013
Judit Kumuthini (ZA) Member 2010-2013
Kanchana Senanayake (LK) Member 2010-2013
Vicky Schneider-Gricar (UK) Member 2013-2014
Cesar Bonavides-Martinez (ME) Member 2013-2014
Rubina Kalra (UK) Member 2014

Read more about P&PR SIG organisation, activities and achievements on the EMBnet.journal:

The Education & Training Special Interest Group (ET-SIG) is, amongst other things, involved in producing kits of materials to help in education and training activities, and studying how to handle remote audiences in training courses. It also articulates with GOBLET in activities such as training recognition and globalization.

ET Special Interest Group Members

Name Function From
Pedro Fernandes (PT) Chair 2015
Pedro Fernandes (PT) Chair 2013
Pedro Fernandes (PT) Chair 2010

The Technical Management Special Interest Group (TM-SIG) ensures the availability of local services for all EMBnet users, providing support to EMBnet Nodes and helping them with maintenance and troubleshooting. In addition, the TM-SIG is responsible for the management of the DNS, Mail and aspects of the web services of the domain.

TM Special Interest Group Members

Name Function From
George Magklaras (NO) Chair                2015   
Gang Cheng (NO) Member 2013
Geroge Magklaras (NO) Chair 2010
Romualdo Zayas-Lagunas (MX) Member 2010
George Magklaras (NO) Secretary 2005

EMBnet.journal is managed by a Executive Editorial Board (EEB), and is assisted in its work by a full Editorial Board and a Review Panel.

Board Members

Name Function Since
Erik Bongcam-Rudloff (SE) Editor in Chief 2010
Teresa K Attwood (UK) Deputy Editor-in-Chief 2010
Domenica D’Elia (IT) Secretary 2011
Laurent Falquet (CH) Member 2010
Pedro L Fernandes (PT) Member 2010
Andreas Gisel (IT) Member 2010
Lubos Klucar (SK) Member 2010
Martin Norling (KE) Member 2010
Vicky Schneider (UK) Member 2014